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Tested and Approved

ANSI B56.6 (American National Standards Institute) is the US guideline used for standards and safety rules regarding rough terrain forklifts. This code requires longitudinal and lateral stability tests, used to cover stacking, loading, and machine travel (both loaded and unloaded). The test itself is accomplished utilizing a device called a tilt table. ANSI B56.6 requires that any structural design change regarding our rough terrain forklifts requires retesting the updated lift in order to confirm its adherence to these rigid principles.

Our forklifts also are compliant with CSA B335-04 (which refers to ANSI B56.6) under the Canadian Standards Association.

Master Craft Industrial Equipment Corp. is one of the few rough terrain manufacturers that has its own tilt table on hand at our manufacturing facility that tests all of our RTFL models. And, of course, we either meet or exceed all B56.6 ANSI requirements.

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